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Inspired by Mr. Mariusz Korba and in cooperation with Alaro, we started working on an application that combines all service manuals for windows of various types equipped with Winkhaus fittings. We used the AR technology and classic 3D visualisations in an innovative way for our industry. Thanks to the team's work, the application appeared at the right time when remote work tools became practically a necessity. Such app quickly became a valuable support tool for our customers, partners, service technicians and installers, both at home and abroad.

We are impressed by the visionary approach of Mr. Mariusz Korba and the high competence of the entire Alaro team, both in terms of their technological skills and operational efficiency.

We're planning continuation of our cooperation with Alaro on this and exciting new innovative solutions for our industry.

Klaudia Mendyka-Waszkowiak
Head of Marketing Department
Winkhaus has earned the confidence of customers with innovative products and competent service for over 160 years. Window manufacturers and vendors, architects, builders and users worldwide value the diversified services and the high quality of the intelligent window technology, door locking systems and access management of Winkhaus.

With the alARo app, we can show the customer what we do very quickly and effectively. Just scan the business card and our advertising video is automatically attached and played. By scanning the catalogue, we can show our structures in 3D anywhere, anytime.

Leszek Janusz
President of the Management Board, Viacon
ViaCon is the largest organization in Europe on the steel road culverts market, whose products and solutions are used in road and rail construction around the world. We used the Augmented Reality to present the company's achievements and capabilities in an effective and modern way.

Alaro efficiently fulfills the contracts. The company shows great commitment to the tasks entrusted and a professional and individual approach to customer needs. The solutions proposed by the company are innovative, attractive and of very high quality. The company offers competitive solutions and honestly fulfills orders. Technical support takes place in a friendly atmosphere. Based on the cooperation so far on several projects, we recommend the services of Alaro.

Marzena Atkielska
Chairman of the Board
We think about the future of our country and that is why we invest in young, ambitious and responsible people. We promote social attitudes, inspire to act, create opportunities.

BGK confirms the successful cooperation with Alaro, which has prepared a project using Augmented Reality technology. The contract was completed without any problems. Alaro showed high commitment and professionalism, as well as very good contact with the client. At the planning stage of the project, and also during its implementation, we were very pleased with the cooperation. We would highly recommend Alaro services.

Agnieszka Stasinowska
Manager, Recruitment and Employer Branding
We are a state development bank - the only institution of this type in Poland. Our mission is to support sustainable social and economic growth of our country. We initiate and facilitate cooperation between businesses, the public sector and financial institutions. We finance the largest infrastructural investment projects, provide Poles with greater access to the housing market and support the activity of Polish companies, both domestically and internationally.

The alARo app enables us to present our systems in a modern and innovative way. During meetings with customers, we can more easily and quickly present both assembly and individual system components on a tablet or smartphone. The alARo 3D models make it easier to imagine - the appearance of the exhibition stand or its equipment. It is not without significance that the application is free for customers and everyone can use it and browse our catalog at any time.

Anna Smolibowska
Co-owner of Display Expo
Display EXPO is a producer and designer of exhibition stands, always ensuring that the exhibition systems offered to customers are of the highest quality and fully satisfy them.

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